RIP Boro Brodnik

Life is very very unfair sometimes, to the point that you can’t even comprehend why things like that happen. Yesterday my friend Boro Brodnik – frontman and mastermind behind two of the most prominent underground bands in the past years in Bulgaria – MELEKH and UPYR – passed away. He’s also the person who got me into working in TV right after I moved to the US, almost 7 years ago, with the unique for Bulgarian media concept of an art show – buntART! Boro was not only talented, he was kind, compassionate and a true pleasure to be around! I’m very heartbroken from these surprising for me news, you had so much to give to the world and your death is such a loss not only to the people who knew you, but also to the art itself. Rest in peace bro, I hope we will meet again at some other world.

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