Honeychrome @ Glasslands

We went to see new electro-pop project Honeychrome by Chad Douglas at Glasslands. It was a very dancy and fun show with colorful visual effects and high energy. Check out some photos we took. Bang Bang!

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We caught up with Chad after the show and here is what he told us about his project:

Hey Chad, how do you feel after today’s show?

I feel amazing that I pulled it off. Everything’s just getting started, HoneyChrome is very young. I’m just a man with a computer and a mic right now, I want to expand this thing to a full blown production, so look up – follow me online and support! Book me! I want to keep doing shows!

So when did you start HoneyChrome?

I started HoneyChrome in May 2013, but I’ve been doing music for five years under different names. HoneyChrome is like the rebirth of my passion.

How would you explain the project to someone who haven’t heard it before?

Electro-pop with attitude and an intellectual dance music. My lyrics are very important to me. It’s a lot of bass to make you feel it, a lot of highs to make you hear it, vocals right in the middle and a lot of dancing to keep you amped up.

What’s coming next for you?

Most of the songs I performed today are not actually on an album. Next is may be an EP about my newest stuff and a tour!

Can you give me couple words about the previous projects you worked on before?

I started up as Chad D. and I worked with the Spindoctors’ guitarist and he produced my record in 2011 – it was poppy, not that trully me as HoneyChrome.

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More about HoneyChrome on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp.


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