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5 Songs of 2014


What clever rubric explains my selection of songs for the year 2014? There is none. I’m usually satisfied with a tried and true playlist, even if many of the songs are a few years old. That said, our interconnectedness through…

Gemini Wired – What Now


Boston-based RnB artist Gemini Wired just released the video for her socially engaged song “What Now” criticizing bullying, which is a big problem all over the States. “The message behind the video is to encourage everyone to go for whatever…

Lavz feat. Tony – Super

Female MC Lavz just submitted her video for “Super” feat. Tony and we’re thrilled to have it featured. Check it above (and vote for her in the Band of The Week competition starting this Thursday if you dig).



I was craving for some quality independent hip-hop recently and I stumbled upon Khromozomes – a talented hip-hop and electronic music producer and beats-maker. He was born in Philly under the name Ruvane Schwartz and raised in Brookyn, New York.…