Catching up with Vinny from Murphy’s Law

Have you heard of Murphy’s Law? One of the most fun bands to emerge from the NYC Hardcore Scene. The band, which draws influence from skate punk, ska, metal, weed and hardcore formed in the 80s in Astoria, Queens around Jimmy Gestapo – the frontman and the only remaining original member of the band! My friend Victor Tsonev from the Bulgarian HC band Vzriv talks about their show in Sofia as the most legendary show he’s ever been to. I didn’t have the chance to see them live yet, but I trust him completely and I hope I’ll get the chance soon. At the mean time – here is a short interview with Vinny Alva – current drummer of the band. And some music, of course!

When and how did you join Murphy’s law? Which other bands have you played with?

I joined the band 2012.. playing for a misfits cover band, the bass player then asked if I was interested. Immediately said yes.

Murphy’s Law concerts are legendary! My friend Viktor told me about a live in my native Bulgaria where there were 20 cases of beer on one side, 20 cases of water on the other side, joints, shots – he says that was the best live he’ve ever been to – what makes the band so fun? And what’s the most fun thing that have happened on a live for you?

Jimmy as the frontman, it’s a great show.. these props such as beer and jagermeister, to share, show dedication. The most fun he had me do was sing the “beer song” in Spanish while playing drums. Not that’s it’s impossible for me but, I can manage. Haha.

Which one do you think is the most “street” band in the NYC scene now?

The most street band I would call out now would be Los Perros for having a raw punk rock feel and catchy tunes.

Do you remember the first show you want to? How old were you?

I went to an ALL show back in 94 was prob 10 yrs old my sister took out to Miami Beach, all I remember was being mesmerized by the people taking care of me and my sis crowd surfing.< Which bands are your biggest inspiration and is there a band which you really love but nobody would suspect you listen to it? 🙂

I really love Rancid and NOFX they showed a lot of dedication and great rhythms to their songs. Drummer Chad from Red Chilli Peppers was a great inspiration on drums.

When can we see Murphy’s Law play next and what’s coming up for the band?

New songs new recordings… all in the mix for 2018.

More about Murphy’s Law on their Facebook page!

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