Catching up with The Flux Machine

If you haven’t heard The Flux Machine yet it’s perfect time – the NYC rocknrollers just got their second album “Hurricane” out and are doing their album release at The Bitter End on Thursday . I saw them at Pianos and loved the raw punky guitars, catchy melodies, badass attitude and downtown vibes so we did brief interview to tease you a little bit! 😛

My friends from @thefluxmachine with an amazing gig at @pianosnyc tonight 👑👑👑

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When did you guys meet and started the band?

The first sessions were in 2014.

Luis, you are the voice of Cracked Latin as well – what’s different from being in an alt rock band?

Since I grew up in Venezuela, I have Latin music in me, and great admiration for early “fania” salsa from the 70s. Mix in British rock and you have Cracked Latin.

How much punk and how much alt-rock is Flux Machine?

Flux Machine is not 3 chords and some yelling, it’s crafted, musical with the angst and social dystopia of punk.

Where does your name come from?

Flux is a state of change. We are a band that promotes social and cultural positive change. We want to destroy and rebuild!

Dream line-up for a show you would play to?

We open for Foo Fighters, who open for Rolling Stones, and we all jam at the end with Radiohead and The Sex Pistols.

Where can we see you play next?

Bitter End Dec. 14 Hurricane album release party at 10.

Stay tuned about The Flux Machine on Facebook! “Hurricane” is out now on Apple Music and elsewhere 😛

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