Month: July 2014

Phantogram @ Zoom Club, Frankfurt

Browsing this year’s album releases, a rock duo called Phantogram caught my attention. The band’s name got me excited. It describes an optical illusion creating the impression of three-dimensionality on a flat surface. If this group could produce similar effects…

Night Club – Need You Tonight (song review)


Night Club are a synth-pop duo out of Los Angeles who’ve laid their heads before the altar of 80’s New Wave. In an attempt to summon the dark electronic gods of old, responsible for the drink and drug fueled revelry at dance clubs throughout the 80’s and early 90’s, Night Club chose to cover Inxs’s “Need You Tonight,” Michael Hutchence being already somewhat deified in certain circles.

From the first digitized bass hit, Night Club makes their supplicative cries clear. Their language is synth. Digitized and over-saturated, the melodies sound like the beautifully low-fi blips and beeps of 8 bit video games.

The cover is straight forward. No license is taken with the material, the only difference being that the singer for Night Club is female. Her voice is sultry and full. You can picture it coming from a confident, full-figured woman which turns the chorus of I “Need you tonight” into more of an expectation than a request.

Covers like these are typically well received because they’re old enough to evoke nostalgia but recent enough that no grandparent can claim them as their own. The ones who were around can reminisce about the halcyon days when experimentation in drugs, sex and music was the norm. The line between excess and good taste not existing, any indulgence could be chalked up to exploration. Those who are too young to have been there can romanticize its excesses and experimentation without having the consequences that befell many dampen their enjoyment. Night Club’s cover of “Need You Tonight” can help you do that.

More about Night Club on Facebook, YouTube, iTunes as well as their official website