Month: July 2013


The alternative rock band from London, England False-Heads mixes the cleverness of brit-pop with the energy of the grunge in an energetic and distinctive way. Frontman Luke Griffiths recorded himself the band’s first EP ‘Animation Draining Needles’ in 2010 and planned…

Deputies and journalists taken as hostages last night in Sofia National Assembly #ДАНСwithme


On the 40th day of protests people gathered around 9 PM at night in front of the Bulgarian National Assembly  and took deputies and journalists as hostages inside until 4:30 AM. The Minister of Internal Affairs Cvetan Iovchev approved an operation in which it was attempted MPs to be taken out of the building with a bus. Clashes between the police and protesters followed and 10 people were injured, including livestreamer Yvo Bojkov. The citizens rose barricades from tiles and trash bins. As an answer the police surrounded the protesters from all sides, pushing them away so the deputies can be brought out. However, the protest looked dramatically different from the peaceful protests seen since the beginning – the protesters were mainly male, some of them obviously organizing people on their mobile phones. According to the words of protesters there were paid provocateurs. The police started pulling away about 4:30 AM, an excavator cleaning the barricades. However, the people immediately restarted building them.

The protests in Bulgaria for Dutch

Even though I’m studying hard for exams I ended up doing reports from the protests in Bulgaria for the largest distributor of online video-news in Bulgaria – ZoomIn.Tv.

Check out the first two videos I did. The first one in collaboration with Boyan Christov.