Month: June 2013

Photos from Bulgaria 2013

In this post I’m gonna upload all the photos of my current 2013 trip back home to Bulgaria, that I consider somehow cool. Photos will be uploaded every day so keep updated and click on the photos for full resolution…

Interviews from the protests in Sofia, Bulgaria against the government (video)

UPDATE: My videoreport from the protests in Sofia got published last night on the frontpages of Adbusters and OccupyWallStreet.Net. I’m so proud to show the protests in my country over the largest activists/revolutionary websites in the world! Thanks to everyone that made this possible.  Watch the video below.




This Saturday for my first day in Sofia I ended up on the protests. Here is the video we shot with Boyan Hristov. The super awesome editor I’m so thankful to desires to stay anonymous. Anyway – thank you.

The video runs on HD and has English subs for your convenience.


Song of the night #47 – …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Heart in the Hand of the Matter

“And this is where it began
Shot through a shattered lens
And there is virtue in loneliness
In vacant lots and florescent malls
In one room coffins and crowded halls
There is nothing to be done
We have lost all control
I walk in the shadows of your tortured realm”

Probably the best song of “the-band-with-the-super-long-name”‘s first album “Source tags and codes” with the gorgeous orange cover and the well-deserved full 10 from Pitchfork.  Beautiful, dark and deep. Fuck you Kanye, this is better than your shit. 😛

Song of the night #45 – Blur – The Universal

Well I arrived in Bulgaria yesterday. And now – while studying for exams and finishing my thesis about the Occupy Wall Street movement at late warm night I decided to try the Spotify radio station based on Radiohead. It’s full of gems and I highly recommend it to any quality alternative rock listener. Here is one of the songs it led me to. Oh, so sweet.

Celebrating 21 years Blur on #blur21 . What a great band!

Leo Drioli

So much music today is focused on “the dark side”, right? But everyone every once in a while needs some spiritual enlightenment to pierce with light all this darkness. Leo Drioli is truly interesting musician with even more interesting side…

Louise Aubrie

  Louise Aubrie was made in London, where she started recording music at the famed Mill Hill Music Complex. However, she decided to move to New York, surround herself with fellow musicians and establish her signature sound – a mixture…